Working with Amira' Stokes

Coaching, Community, Corporate

Start Shaping Your New Life Today


Mindset & Growth

Shift your mindset and discover the power within through a holistic lifestyle. A lifestyle featuring positive perspectives, mental and physical well-being, peace and alignment.

Relational Coaching

Utilize the power of personal development, your Dosha type and Natal chart to discover how to create the best routine for you and understand how to find your version of balance.

Stress Management & Self-Care

Learn how to prevent and release stress through Meditation, Affirmations, Yoga, Sound Healing, Breathing and Mindfulness techniques, etc.

Holistic Advice

Receive guidance on how to reach your goals and learn how to implement it in a way that suits you best.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

I will guide you step by step on the creation of your custom program and how to implement each piece of your lifestyle change in a comfortable timeframe. You will have a complete roadmap for your transition to holistic living that you will be able to stick with and see results in your overall wellbeing.  

What Is Holistic Wellness Coaching?


We will work together to determine the following:

  • what type of exercise or physical activities serve you best
  • what foods/drinks can be added or removed from your diet
  • what herbal teas/blends may be beneficial to you
  • how many hours of sleep keep you at your best


  • Cultivating and strengthening a positive mindset
  • Exploring positive self talk
  • Discovering your personal stress reliever
  • Managing your time wisely
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Sharing your feelings openly with a trusted person


  • Getting involved in get togethers
  • Balancing your social life with respect to your boundaries
  • Recognizing when you are in an unfavorable situation
  • Knowing who your support system is


  • Spending time being present
  • Self-reflection
  • Feeling grounded
  • Feeling centered
  • Studying and practicing religious or non-religious practices


  • Becoming a life long student
  • Seeking mentorship or community in the area that fuels you

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your journey?

I will help you get unstuck and remove your stagnant energy.

Do you have a strong desire to change your lifestyle?

I will help you along your journey and hold space so you stay supported and held.

Are you overwhelmed?

Reach out and lean in! I got you.

Do you know where to start?

You don’t have to. Book your consultation and let me show you how to see exactly where you are and which paths are favorable for you.


You will gain control of your life through actionable steps.

You will feel lighter when we work together.

You will find your flow and be able to build on what I show you.

You will keep your peace through the methods and tools you will walk away with.

You will learn to grant yourself grace and still push yourself to be your best.


How It Works

Schedule an Initial 1:1

Here  we will jump right into what you may need and how if are a good fit.


Choose a Coaching Plan

Determine which plan works best when you inquire and let’s do the work!

Reach Your Goals

Walk away with actionable steps that we start together so that you can continue the work successfully for a lifetime.