I’m Amira’ Stokes

Holistic Life Alchemist, Doula & Self Care Expert

Helping You Reduce Daily Stress Through Intentional Self Care & Holistic Living

Holistic Wellness Coaching

I teach people how to live healthier and more mindful. I help you operate with a positive mindset and live a stress free life through intentional living and holistic choices. I give you a step by step custom routine, current lifestyle suggestions for improved quality of life, holistic product swap suggestions, tools, resources and permission to practice daily self-care however that looks for you on a daily basis.

I will provide resources for you as a whole (physically, mentally, emotionally) to create  peace and flow in your life.

Doula Support

I offer complete holistic informational, physical and emotional support to birthing persons during birth/labor and delivery. I specialize in home and birth center births; however, I am equipped to provide hospital support as well.

During the postpartum period, I help you and your family re-adjust to life with your new addition with a focus on the person who gave birth as well as providing family support and sibling care where needed. Whether it’s your 1st, 2nd or 3rd baby, you will receive customized holistic support.

I am your advocate and support in this season.


Unbothered Goddess Community

The Unbothered Goddess community extends grace to the women around us who are nurturing their families and help encourage them to take care of themselves, whether it’s for an hour a day, every other day, or over a long weekend.
Self-care doesn’t just “happen”, just like a garden doesn’t just appear out of nowhere—it must be planted, nurtured, and tended to. Our community lifts women up and lets them know how necessary, valuable, and loved they are by helping her plant the seeds of thoughtful self-care routines and positive habits that will stick.

Doula Support

Do You Need Birth/Labor/Delivery Support? Postpartum Support? Do You Need Support Processing a Loss?

Holistic Wellness Coaching 1:1

Looking to Transition to more Holistic Living?  Need help with Self-Care?  Do You Want to Transition to a more Holistic and Clean Lifestyle?  Set Actionable Goals!

Stress Reduction, Meditation & Relaxation

Feeling Overwhelmed? Need Some Tools and Resources to Help You in Your Daily Self-Care Rituals?


We remind women about the importance of taking care of themselves 1st and serve as an accountability group. Learn to survive mommy guilt and be your best you.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Grant Yourself Permission to Create Peace & Flow Today!